Since 2003, we have participated in Lifelong Learning programming sponsored by the European
Commission and other multilateral funding agencies. We focus mainly on two fields:

Education and training: Erasmus Actions contributes to partnerships that facilitate innovation
and the exchange of good practices. Through its parent enterprise, Global Skills Network, we support
and organize training programs, professional visits and trade missions, mobility programming and work
experience projects such as internships and volunteer engagement. We serve as hosts for mobility to Spain,
with a concentration on Barcelona and Granada. This includes
organizing Professionals in Vocational Education
and Training (VETPRO) projects aimed at supporting transnational mobility of persons responsible for vocational
training and/or human resources.  The main goals of these projects are to support professionalise teachers, trainers
and mentors in VET by exchanging good examples of practice with regard to the use and implementation of workplace
learning in their curricula.

Research, Development and Social/Cultural Innovation: Our focus here is to participate primarily in Erasmus+
KA2 actions that support knowledge alliance and strategic partnerships. Our aims are to support the visions of educational
institutions, nonprofit entities, public sector services and training centers that integrate innovation in their operations,
services and values. Our current focus is on combating youth unemployment and underemployment, enhancing the
employability of all persons through the acquisition of Knowledge Economy skills, and contributing to economic

development through the promotion of entrepreneurship.

Join these institutions and others that have partnered with us in lifelong learning throughout our 16 year history for the
most invaluable programming possible!

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